Lakeland Wildlife Oasis Summer 2011

I’ve always been fascinated watching the behaviour of animals and getting the chance to discover new species up close. So from a young age I’ve visited wildlife centres, zoos and sanctuaries.

When visiting Lakeland Wildlife Oasis in 2011 I saw there was an opportunity to be a ‘Keeper for a day’. I returned the next day to shadow a zoo keeper and help with the everyday tasks such as food preparation.

I also learned about the health and safety precautions as well as how to appropriately handle the animals.

These animal encounters were incredible as it was the first time I interacted with zoo animals. I believe my passion for primates was sparked when a lemur jumped on my shoulder.

Despite experiences like this often show animals in good health and this is not the reality for a vet, it is essential in order to identify the abnormal. Animals have always intrigued me and although I will face a multitude of challenges daily, to use my initiative to ease their suffering will be extremely rewarding.

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