Blackpool Keeper Academy 2016 Animal behaviour 

Main areas of zoo research:


•Reproductive behaviour

•Social systems and interactions

•Time budgets


•Enclosure use

•How the visitor affects the animals

•Stereotypic behaviour

•Effectiveness of education tools

Animal behaviour

Is an observable response of an animal to a stimulus (a detectable change in the environment that causes this response).

The study of animal behaviour is known as ethology. Some behaviours evolve through natural selection, but there must be a variation of a particular behaviour within a population of animals. If by displaying a particular behaviour, an animal increases its chances of survival and reproduction, then that behaviour will be passed through the generations if it is heritable in some way.

Behaviours can be innate or learned…

Innate: An instinctual behaviour that is perfect first time.

Learned: learned by watching others. It is a result of experience (trial and error).

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