Blackpool Keeper Academy 2016 Birds

What makes a bird a bird?

•Feathers •Wings •Beak •No teeth •Lays eggs •Bipedal •Lightweight skeleton •Migration

Flight feathers:

•Wings and tail •One side of the vane is wider •Strong barbules •Barbs run parallel and hook together to make the vane

Contour feathers:

•Everywhere (apart from beak, legs and feet) •Coloured only at the end •Helps the bird be streamline

Down feathers:

•Little or no shaft •Soft and fluffy •Insulation

Bristle feathers:

•Stiff with only a few barbs at the base •Mouth/eyes

A birds skeleton has to be lightweight so it can fly which is why they have hollow bones. A bird’s skeleton weighs less than its plumage.

Penguins are an exception because they need the weight to dive.


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