Dudley Zoo March 2012

For my birthday the following year after Lakeland Wildlife Oasis, I was keen to visit a different zoo for a keeper experience.

I chose to travel down to Dudley Zoo as at the time not many places offered it to under 16 or 18s.




There was a wider range of animals here, from snakes to giraffes. I’m very fortunate to have lots of opportunities with such extraordinary creatures.

I began to understand the role of a modern zoo in a greater depth and how they have changed.

Conservation work is vital to boost the number of endangered animals. Unfortunately this was not the case in the past and animals were seen as spectacles. In February 1974, a male orca named Cuddles died of long-term gastro-intestinal problems at Dudley Zoo. It was recorded that he also suspiciously had a broken rib. Despite suffering from intestinal ulcers and requiring intensive care, he was placed in a pool which did not meet his needs. I have recently found BIAZA and EAZA which ensure that this no longer happens.

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