Blackpool Keeper Academy 2016 Elephants

Differences between Asian and African elephants:

Elephants have the longest gestation of mammals, at 22 months.

As only 40% of food is absorbed by their digestive track, there is a lot of mucking out to do!


The number of Asian elephants in the wild has decreased by 50% in the past 75 years because of

•Human/elephant conflict


•Habitat loss

Biodiversity and Elephant Conservation Trust in Sri Lanka plant chilli plants and bee hives to keep elephant away as their sight is not very strong. This means farmers or threatened people don’t attack them.

Training elephants


•Health checks



•Prepare for transport

•Health and safety


Enrichment is important, particularly for elephants as it stimulates their natural behaviour as well as increasing the feeding and foraging time. It also increases enclosure use and utilisation, and mentally stimulated the elephants.

At Blackpool Zoo, elephant enrichment includes:

•Food dispensers

•Ice blocks

•Peanut shuttles


•Elephant birthday cake


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