Cronkshaw Fold Farm, Zinc sulphate baths 29.6.16

Before the goats were treated with zinc sulphate, I helped to muck out the large goat pen. Luckily there was a school visit and made it 10 times quicker :)!

(This prevented any bacteria (Bacteriodes nodosus) from the bedding re-infecting the goats after their treatment.)



I put the goats in a different pen temporarily, this is where they waited for the foot rot treatment.

I mixed the zinc sulphate with water (1kg:10 litres), and created a make-shift pen so their hooves stayed submerged in the solution for the required times (so they wouldn’t escape).

Before the next course of treatment, I’ll re-think the design and make it sturdier and easier to open/close!

Using my ninja goat catching skills I managed to get 9 goats into the bath (couldn’t have done it without Dot haha).

We marked them with a blue line after their 20 minutes and then put them in an empty pen to stand on hard ground for an additional 20 minutes. After this, they returned to their freshly cleaned pen!

This was repeated for the remaining 7 goats.  I noticed a small cut under a goat’s ear which will be treated with sudocrem.

((I’m intrigued by the goat wattles which don’t seem to have a confirmed purpose or explanation. (The flesh hanging from the throat area).))

I need to trim their hooves again to remove all dead horn and expose infected tissue and bacteria to air.

As all of the goats are being treated, it should control foot rot spread within the herd.

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