Cronskhaw Fold Farm, planning treatment 20.7.16

For the third time in this course of treatment, the goats’ hooves were bathed in the zinc sulphate solution.

Following difficulties with the hurdles, I rethought the design.

Now, it is easier to open and close, sturdier, and the bottom of the bath is flatter (meaning less solution is required as the bath is deep enough on both sides).

I kept the process of treating the goats the same:

1) All of the goats were moved into a pen next to the foot bath pen

2) I lead a group of them into the foot bath pen and lifted them in

3) After 20 minutes in the foot bath, they were moved into the next pen with no bedding in (then the remaining goats were put in the bath for this 20 minutes, like a cycle)

4) After another 20 minutes, the goats in the hard stand pen were moved back into their original large pen. The goats in the bath were then moved into the hard stand pen for 20 minutes.

5) Then once their time was up, the second group returned to their original large pen.

Their hooves have improved a lot, they’re not limping and it appears to have been very successful.

As Dichelobacter nodosus, the second bacteria will have remained in the grass for 2 weeks, the goats were kept inside for the start of this round of treatment to prevent them being reinfected (hence mucking out their big pen). They’ve been out since and still no signs of hoof problems.


The treated goats were sprayed so I knew that all of their hooves had been soaked, this makes eradication of the bacteria in the herd possible.


This is the treatment plan I have produced:

They are Boer goats and heavy clay soil meaning they are more susceptible to foot problems, these are two factors I kept in mind.

On 29/7/16 I will repeat the foot bath treatment for the fourth and final time until October.

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