Knowsley Safari Park, Safari, 31.7.16

At the end of the day we drove around the safari park so I made as many notes as I could to increase my general knowledge of zoo animals.

Fallow deer: Introduced by the Romans. Although there are white fallow deer at Knowsley, due to survival of the fittest and it being caused by recessive genes, they are rare in the wild. The males have antlers made of bone that fall of each year. They use them for fighting with other males over females.

Rhea bird, South America: They are ratites (flightless birds without a keel on their sternum bone) in the order Rheiformes
Kiang, Tibet: Only place in UK that you can see them Matriarchal herd. Main predators = wolves, so will stand in a circle with young ones in the middle and kick out wolves
Père David’s deer, China: Extinct in the wild (Flood so a lot drowned + Boxer rebellion, poor people at the deer). Before this father David was doing missionary work over here so sent some to Europe.  If deer horns are fluffy = ‘velvet’ get blood supply to it to grow, so may look like it’s bleeding as waiting for rutting season. Most deer and antelope will do something called ‘parking’ which means leaving their young to fend for themselves.

Blesbok don’t as they’re migrating so would leave their young.

Axis deer, Asia: Don’t have a rutting season, so will give birth year round.

Rhino: Female and male territories. Male makes a midden (a pile of rhino poo).Are able to replicate the natural breeding.

Zebra: Dazzle= group  Black and white stripes confuses predators

Ostrich: Biggest bird in the world. Group = wobble. All females lay eggs together, most dominant lays in the middle. Male sit on them at night, share (camouflage).

Bongo, Africa: Polish horns in the tree (have Ivory tips), and use them to break branches to eat

Lion: One male in a pride. mMales kicked out of pride by father and then will kill a male of a different pride to take over it

Darker mane= higher levels of testosterone = dominant.

At Knowsley … Brothers taken out, live together and have formed a coalition (not successful in taking over a pride independently)

Vasectomised as when the dominant male died, the three males were introduced to the females left in the pride to see who was dominant. This therefore prevents breeding as he is the son.

Female hunt as male has mane so will get too hot.

One was castrated so not a threat- therefore no mane.

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