Cronkshaw Fold Farm, The case of the scaly hen feet part 6, 12.8.16

These are some pictures to show the progress of the scaly leg mite treatment over the past few weeks.

Vaseline has been a success! The scales dropped off and although the skin was initially red and raw, it quickly healed.

To ensure that all of the mites were killed, I dipped the hens feet in surgical spirit again. 

I also began to treat another hen for suspected scaly leg mites. As the first hen has improved a lot, I will repeat the process for this hen. 

I am going to check the other hens feet as a third has been isolated…

I’m not completely sure whether the scales are raised because it has feathers on its feet, I will continue to try and find examples on google of Buff Orpingtons to compare it to a healthy foot!

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