Cronkshaw Fold Farm, The case of the scaly hen feet part 7, 15.8.16

Following on from my last scaly leg mite post, I came to the conclusion that the Buff Orpington aka the giant hen has scaly leg mites.

I caught the other two hens from the nursery as I expected them to be infected too…

 As all five are infected, I will be checking all of the other hens in the hen house. Then I can decide what to do from there in an attempt to get rid of the scaly leg mites.

Today I treated the five from the nursery who are now in isolation!

As this hen has feathers on its feet, I cleaned them with warm water and a tooth brush to remove any dirt that has been trapped. 

I then rubbed Vaseline into all of the hens feet. 

I’m now going to do some more research on scaly leg mites and make a plan of action for the hens.


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