Cronkshaw Fold Farm, Foot rot returns, 19.8.16

For a few days this goat has been limping…   

 So I flipped it over to check its hooves for foot rot…

Despite solving the problem recently, she has been reinfected. As it took so long to treat the herd, it was important to isolate the goat! 

I used straw from the zinc sulphate bath pen as I didn’t want to use new straw as the goat is infected, so would need to be changed.

The bacteria can’t live for long outside of the goats hooves, so I know the straw cannot be infected beforehand. 

I started to trim its hooves…

I had to cut out the infected hoof

I then sprayed her hooves with Terramycin spray, I’ll trim them again as she was too stressed!


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