Cronkshaw Fold Farm, Foot rot again, 6.9.16

Although the goats weren’t scheduled for hoof trimming and foot rot treatment, two kids have been struggling to climb up the pallets (and out of the goat flap). 

As the goats were outside, I encouraged them in with food of course. Identifying the kids with foot rot was a no-brainer…

 As usual, I trimmed the goat’s hooves before spraying the inside with Terramycin spray. 

This kid’s hooves were particularly bad, so I had to cut off the rotten white hoof. The smell was putrid- quickest way to identify foot rot!!!

I noticed one of the older goats was also lame, so I trimmed her hooves and used Terramycin spray. I then used red sheep marker, so I knew which three goats I had treated. 

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