Blog compilation of Maisie’s pregnancy and delivery 

This is Maisie, my Border terrier! 
She’s expecting pups at the end of September as gestation lasts around 9 weeks, we marked the due date on our calendar.

Although my other Border, Lilo has had two litters- I was away the first time and unfortunately she had to have a c-section the second time. I will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of the pups and stepping in if there are any complications.

This is her on 2/9/16

Maisie on 6/9/16

Her whelping box arrived! As Maisie gets used to the box, she will hopefully nest there and be comfortable enough to give birth and raise her puppies there whilst they’re completely dependent. Once they’re old enough, they will move into the pen my dad built for our last litter (when maisie was born 😱).

On the left is Lilo when she was pregnant with Maisie. We ordered the same whelping box as it was perfect. I also got some umbilical cord scissors and an airway clearer, so I can be on stand by to help!

On 20/9/16, Maisie started panting and nesting in dark places


I could see two little feet- the puppy wasn’t in a sac and Maisie had no intention of delivering it.  I carefully pulled the puppy out and although I thought she was dead- we kept her warm and cleared her airway to help her start breathing again.

She is a miracle puppy!!

After over an hour, she delivered a second puppy- a boy.

Over an hour later, Maisie gave birth to a third puppy (a girl).

For over an hour after delivering the third puppy, Maisie had a sac hanging out of her but it appeared as though she had finished trying to give birth.

Maisie was rushed to Clitheroe for an emergency C-section.

I looked after the three puppies whilst my parents looked after Maisie!

Lilo (their grandma) even tried to adopt them

Amazingly, she had four more puppies delivered by caesarean.

One puppy wasn’t at a correct angle to be delivered and like the first puppy it was difficult to get her to start breathing. I’ve bottle fed her and now she is drinking Maisie’s milk!


All of the puppies survived: 4 boys and 3 girls 😄

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