Small animal vets, 21.9.16

As I wasn’t working during the operation time but the break between consultations, the vet nurses were teaching me about different aspects of the practice.

Disinfection is the removal of microorganisms but sterilisation is the destruction of all microorganisms and spores. It is necessary for the surgical instruments to be sterilised between uses. Every aspect of a surgical procedure must be prepared aseptically. 

There are many ways sterilisation can be achieved but the most common method in a practice is moist heat under pressure. They use an autoclave which has different programmes to sterilise surgical equipment. Chemical indicator strips (TST strips) are placed in the packs as they change colour when the right pressure, time and temperature have been reached in the autoclave cycle. 

I was also taught the prescription terminology:

EOD: every other day

SID: once per day

BID: twice per day

TID: three times per day

QID: four times per day

I have searched for more terminology to learn…

PRN: as needed

ETD: every third day

TPR: temperature, pulse, respiration 

MM: mucus membrane

CRT: capillary refill time

CV: cardiovascular system

Resp: respiratory system 

Abd: abdomen

LN: lymph nodes

MS: musculoskeletal system

EENT: eyes, ears, nose and throat

Neuro: neurological system

Int: integumentary system 

Uro: urogenital system

C: coughing

S: sneezing

V: vomiting

D: diarrhoea 

PD: polydipsia (increased thirst)

PU: polyuria (increased urination)

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