Cronkshaw Fold Farm, General update, 30.8.16

Hens with Infectious coryza:

I noticed another poorly looking hen in the hen house so put it with the other in isolation. Despite expecting for the first one to die, it has improved a lot! I think it just needs to naturally try to fight it off (and be isolated from the others to prevent it spreading).

Since having company, they both seem a lot happier 😀


I mucked out the hen house and scraped the perches and tops of the nesting boxes. This should help controlling infections. 

Scaly leg mites:

Their treatment is ongoing… I can’t believe how much better the first hen is! 

Goat foot rot:

I fell in love with the goat I isolated to prevent the spread of foot rot. 

So although it is great that it’s hooves are okay now- I put it back with the others so it can go outside, it’s no longer needing company!

A few of the goats are limping, but I have already made a years schedule for their foot rot treatment.

This month I will trim their hooves. 

I will continue to oversee these things when I go to sixth form as well as running the mini farm explorers group at the weekend :D.   


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