Stud farm, 11.12.16

In the morning, I mucked out (both shavings and straw stables) and completed the morning tasks as usual.

Throughout the day, I put head collars on the horses and used the lead rope to walk them in/out of the stables. When they were going outside I put their turn out rugs on but when they were staying inside, I swapped this to their stable rugs.

I did the field checks which consist of checking the colts and brood mares in the fields.

I then helped to school a pony in the inside arena, this was important to reduce his energy for a competition. The horse walker is another way to exercise the horses, as it spins in circles forcing the horse to keep a steady pace. I put horses on the walker, setting the best speed and ensuring the combination of horses on the walker at once would cause no problems.

As a group, we filled the hay nets and put them up in the stables before collecting ponies from the field.


As a stallion was going to a competition, I washed and groomed him.

I then helped to worm all of the horses on the farm (this was done orally with syringes). It was important to take them by surprise, as one stallion required three people to help!

The horse I saw on my first week with a wound had it washed with hibi scrub and covered in medicated gel to aid the healing process.

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