Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 14.12.16

We prioritised mucking out the duck house first because they’re being kept inside due to avian flu, so it’s important to keep it nice and clean.After we put down shavings to absorb the moisture, then straw, I fed the ducks and ensured they were all inside.

We then moved some goats into a new pen, before mucking out the old pen. I realised the goats didn’t have a food trough or water in their new pen so put a trough on top of two buckets to raise it to their height. I filled a bucket full of water and then fed them their evening meal.

After this, I did the usual evening jobs of feeding the goats in the single pens and main pen, bedding them down and giving them clean water.

I fed the guineapig and filled its drinker up. 

I then checked on the hens in the hen house as they are not allowed outside for a few more weeks, there were some more toys to keep them occupied. 

I then cuddled a goat 🙂

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