Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 21.12.16, evening jobs

First of all, I moved some pallets across the farm yard to tidy up.
I then fed the ducks and hens layers pellets, ensuring they did not escape outside of their houses due to the 30 day government protocol due to the avian flu outbreak.We completed the goat evening jobs together: mixing the correct ratio of feed, bedding down the pens with straw, giving them clean water and topping up the hay nets.

I discussed my goat foot rot schedule and planned ahead in the diary when I will be coming up to trim the herd’s hooves and complete the four zinc sulphate baths over January.

However, many of the goats are hopefully pregnant therefore I will gain skills of the alternative method of hoof trimming- restraining the goats whilst they are stood up. I usually hold a front and hind leg and pull towards me, so they are flipped on their backs but this is a major risk and potential means of causing an abortion. Therefore, I will have to adapt to handling them in an appropriate manner, whilst keeping them calm and still.

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