Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 27.12.16

I trimmed the herd’s hooves with Holly in preparation for the scheduled zinc sulphate treatment.

It was easier with the two of us being able to keep the resilient goats still!

None of the goats had foot rot which is a first but the kids with poor hooves went to the abattoir which should improve the herd’s condition.  

We then sprayed the hooves with Terramycin as usual.

As many of the goats are pregnant, flipping them was too dangerous so we decided to tie them up and trim their hooves stood up. This was to prevent stress as well as the physical impact it could have on the goat kids, which could ultimately cause them to abort.

After a while, this technique became easier and quicker- apart from when the goats tried to run forward! We managed to get through the whole herd so they are ready for the foot baths.

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