Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 2.1.17

Before beginning the hoof treatment,  I completed the morning jobs.  

I then prepared the baths with zinc sulphate solution, mixing the zinc sulphate powder with the right amount of water.

Using food as a bribe (as always with the goats), they followed me from their pen and into the zinc sulphate baths pen. The goats were better behaved than last time, so getting them into the baths was easier! We decided to put the two angry goats in with the boy kids, just in case they decided to fight with the pregnant does.

After 20 minutes, we directed the goats into an empty pen to stand for 20 minutes whilst the other goats were in the zinc sulphate baths. The large goats tried to ram into us, but there were no incidents this time!

We then shooed the goats back into their own pens, the two large goats were a challenge but their horns come in handy to pull.

The next job was to feed apples to the hens, as they are laying too much on a diet of layers pellets. They usually have an unlimited supply of layers pellets but there are too many eggs- I didn’t even know that hens like apples! They were eager to sneak past me and escape, but it won’t be long until the 30 day prevention zone is over due to the outbreak of avian flu.

 The ducks will also be able to go outside which means they won’t be making such a mess of the duck house😄 We mucked out the duck house to finish.

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