Sheep pregnancy scanning, 15.1.17

I was keen to return to the farm to help with the sheep ultrasound scans as there are over 50 sheep so it was a great opportunity to improve my skills.

To make it a lot easier than being dragged to the floor whilst trying to catch them, we put them in a smaller pen and used a crush. However, it was still a challenge with the stubborn sheep and they are a lot heavier than goats!

After 15 ”empty” sheep, it was fair to say the chances of pregnancy were very low. However, we continued scanning the sheep until all of them had been seen to. As anticipated, none of the sheep were pregnant but it was good practice to find a clear picture. I found it significantly easier than the last time, as I knew how to use the probe and what I was looking for. Although I did not see any lamb foetuses- I did locate many sheep bladders.

I then scanned a few of the goats again, to see how many of the kids I could identify. I saw the rib cage and heart of one which was really cool. But they were often positioned so I could identify the backbone.   


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