Dissection, 26.1.17

As part of the biology specification, our class did a required practical of a lamb heart dissection.

We used scissors to cut through the heart and a glass rod to find routes through the blood vessels.

First of all, I looked down the top of the heart to see the semi-lunar valves in the aorta and pulmonary artery. I also located the pulmonary vein and vena cava.

Using scissors, I cut 3cm above the apex of the heart. The two holes are where the ventricles are. The hole with the large amount of surrounding muscle is the left ventricle. This is required to maintain the blood pressure as it is pumped around the whole body.

I then cut through the pulmonary vein to see the inside of the heart more clearly. 
During the lesson, I was allowed to dissect two chicks I had brought in. It was interesting to see the differences in the lungs between the two chicks as one had died after hatching and one could not break the membrane to hatch. I cut the legs off to make it easier to open up the chick body. 

Here is the tiny heart…

As we had just learned about animal gas exchange, I located the trachea. I knew by the cartilaginous rings around it.

Finally, I cut the eye out and located the brain!

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