Cronkshaw Fold Farm, Biology + Goats = Awesome, 6.2.17

I am very fortunate to have a great biology department who provided me with the tube to collect some of the goat lice to take in to study under a microscope. 

Opportunities to combine my scientific skills and goats are great, so I am looking forward to taking the lice in tomorrow.

After finishing the evening jobs, the first task was to get the lice into the tube, which sounds easier than it is. I was shocked at how effective the spot on treatment was, and this is the only time I would be gutted that lice had gone. There were a few remaining dead lice, however, so using Dot’s tweezers (let’s hope she doesn’t get goat lice in her eyebrows), I carefully picked out some lice.

Mildred certainly did not appreciate being held on my knee. It’s times like this that I wish I had three hands… One hand holding the goat still, one hand using the tweezers with phone torch balanced so I could see where the lice were.

I also got my first fan mail, which was very cute.

*7.2.17 update*

I took the lice into sixth form and looked at them under the microscope. It was really interesting!

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