Wildlife hospital, Volunteering, 12.2.17

On my way to the rescue, I visited Bleakholt animal sanctuary to enquire about training to be a dog walker. Although I have to wait a while, I can’t wait to be able to walk the rescued dogs in my spare time as I would love to be able to give them my attention and love.

It would be amazing to take all of the pups home, and live as a crazy dog woman…  
There were a few goats, so I had to go and give them a good head scratch.

When I arrived at the wildlife hospital I was amazed at the array of animals. I admire people who take in injured animals and volunteer to rehabilitate them. So much time and care goes into helping the hedgehogs recover so they can survive in the wild again.

The main job was to clean out all of the little cages, disinfecting them and giving the hogs clean water and food.


Picking up hedgehogs is a new skill I have acquired as getting pricked is painful.

Some of the more timid animals huffed and puffed into a ball. Whereas a few of them loved being handled.     

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