Wild bird hospital, circle of life, 15.2.17

The structure of my afternoon volunteering at the wild bird hospital was the same as the previous week.I started off cleaning the outside enclosures by scrubbing the floor and giving the birds clean water.  
As it is mating season, I had to be wary of the male swans who were acting aggressively in a bid to gain dominance. (Brush at the ready to keep the distance between us)

When I was cleaning one of the pigeon enclosures, I spotted a bizarrely acting pigeon. This is most like PMV, easily mistaken for possessed pigeon.


This is the pheasant- Piper. He usually attacks people’s feet so I take it as a compliment that he didn’t peck me. 

Once all of the outside enclosures had been cleaned, I went into the hospital to clean te cages. I moved the bird out before disinfecting, changing the newspaper and changing the food and water.

A docile, thin pigeon was admitted on 14/02 as he was covered in lice and was a possible ex-PMV.

Sadly, when I went to clear out his cage, he had passed away. This is the reality when working with sick animals as some do not make it.  ❤️❤️

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