Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 1.3.17

As I had not seen the goats for 2 weeks (a very long time for me), I went in and checked to see how they were doing. The pregnant does look as though they are about to pop! So I am very excited, as I created the farm’s kidding itinerary list. This will be a period where jobs on the farm change, and will be directed towards the care and health planning of the newborn kids.

I then checked on the hens, as they have been in for a few months now due to the Avian flu outbreak. I looked on the map of the ‘risk’ areas, and we are just outside of that area.

I mucked out the chicken shed (through the window rather than the door, so none of them could escape)! They enjoyed flapping around in the new shavings, as if it was snow.

There are toys around the hen shed in order to keep them occupied, because the prevention zone restrictions pose as a threat to the animals’ welfare. In addition to this, there are issues for farmers for egg classification as the hens are not ‘free range’, despite this being out of their hands.

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