Cronkshaw Fold Farm, hoof trimming, 18.3.17

When I arrived at the farm I had a new task of helping to lead the lambs and ewes from the field into the barn.

Last year I made the farm’s hoof trimming schedule, but now it is coming up to kidding I have realised I did not account for pregnancies. Due to the stress of trimming hooves, it is a risk that a doe may abort, especially if she is flipped which is why I trim their hooves whilst they are standing.

However, I could flip the does who are too young to breed this year.

I began to trim the herd’s hooves starting with the females in the barn. Although I am used to trimming hooves whilst the goat is restrained on their back, having to bend the joints in the right position whilst they are tied up is good practice for lambing to identify limbs. When the goats are carrying extra weight, it is important to have even hooves in good condition.

Since the goats have been outside, I could smell foot rot when trimming the hooves so sprayed Terramycin into the interdigital space.



I then completed the usual evening jobs of adding straw bedding, filling up hay racks, swapping the water and feeding the animals.

It was important to ensure that I gave the ewes with lambs in the barn the correct amount of sheep nuts to eat and that the water was filled to the maximum.




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