London, The Natural History Museum and Pigeon attack, 26.3.17

Not all of my amazing animal encounters are during work experience, so I thought I would share some highlights from my day trip to London.

When my friends and I arrived at the park in front of Buckingham Palace, a flock of pigeons were perching on a group of tourists who kindly gave us the remaining peanuts when they left. 

I definitely meant it when I said I wanted to be Snow White when I was younger!

This experience goes to show that many animals considered as vermin have the capacity to be as friendly and inquisitive as our domesticated four legged friends. We still have a duty to care for them under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 meaning they cannot be killed, harmed or taken from the wild (their eggs and nests are also protected through legislation). There were boards up to highlighting this, warning that scaring the animals is an offence.


 We then had a whistle stop tour of The Natural History Museum, spending most time in the mammal section.  

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