Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 8.5.17

Foot rot treatment time comes around very quickly. The difference in the condition of the herd’s hooves is noticeable- those with recurring foot rot were sent to the abattoir.

The goats hooves were trimmed before kidding so they were in good condition whilst they began to mother.

My first job was to bring the goats in from the field, they were enjoying the rare sunshine! It is nearly a year since I have been working with the herd, so it brought back memories of the daily task of moving the goats around, pre-goat flap installation! Fortunatley, this time they did not run off and eat flowers in the garden. 
Assembling the hurdles and foot baths is always a pain because the goats will try to head-but their way out.

15 minutes in the foot bath, followed by 10 minutes on hard stand meant that the kids were free to run around the barn.

After doing the evening jobs, I played with these two kids- Rita and Ora!

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