Wildlife hospital, 21.5.17

Due to climate change, hedgehog mothers are having litters later in the year. Breeding season starts around May and they may have a second litter in Autumn, these hoglets are named autumn juveniles. Sadly, they often won’t survive the winter due to the harsh weather as they do not have the body mass to live through hibernation. Therefore, this is a busy time of year for hedgehog hospitals to care for them over winter until they can be released.

We are now approaching baby season, so when I was cleaning out the cages and carriers, I had to check there were no hoglets before disrupting them.

One of the hedgehogs had been in a road traffic accident, he had lost many spines so needed treatment to prevent infection. Spines are their self defence mechanism from predators too. I put him in a carrier under a heat mat, as he was quite flat and unresponsive when I was cleaning.

A test for dehydration is to pull the spines and see how quickly they return to their normal position.  


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