Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 22.5.17

Today was the third out of the fourth zinc sulphate treatment for foot rot.

The kids provide entertainment when waiting 15 minutes for the goats’ hooves to soak in the foot baths.

Whilst the first set were on the hard stand, I swept and put clean straw in their pen to prevent them from contracting foot rot from potential bacteria on the bedding and to keep their hooves dry.

I then managed to get the three stubborn goats in the foot bath without any harm from their horns, which is a difficult task when they try to fight.

Once both sets of goats were back in their pens, I fished out the poo and swept the barn, before completing the evening jobs.  I fed the hens and gave them clean water, before shutting them inside.

I sat with my favourite kids…


and then Bella..


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