Cronkshaw Fold Farm, hoof treatment 19.6.17-20.6.17

Although the scheduled treatment was for July, this has been brought forward due to the recent deterioration of hoof health.

As the kids were newborn when the does had their foot baths, they did not get treated for foot rot. However, a significant number of kids had been limping and on inspection, had sore red interdigital skin.

On 19.6.17, I began to trim the whole herd’s hooves in preparation for the zinc sulphate treatment. When the kids are small, it is far easier to restrain them.

I then walked up to the field the billy goats are in to give them their evening feed.

The following day, I went up to the farm to finish the hoof trimming and round the goats up into the bath for the first of 4 zinc sulphate treatments.

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