Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 28.6.17 

Once I had finished cleaning the bird hospital, on my way home I stopped off to see the goats for a few hours.

When I pour out the sheep nuts, they all usually come running forward. One goat didn’t move, standing rigid and straining. Something was definitely wrong! So I climbed into the pen to look at her backside.

Imbalances of the bacteria in a goat’s gut causes scours. Fortunately, only the single goat had been affected by the herd’s mischief. Their digestive system is adapted for their herbivorous diet, not the fish meal in the chick crumbs they devoured during their escape.

As the cause is dietary, we will wait it out and monitor the goat as diarrhoea will dehydrate her. It is also important to maintain her condition, so I hand fed her sliced apples to make her less lethargic.

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