Cronkshaw Fold Farm, 3.7.17-6.7.17

From Monday to Thursday, once I was finished at my local farm and equine vet practice, I travelled to the farm to do the evening jobs.

On Monday whilst doing the evening jobs, I noticed that one of the does had an open wound on her udder so I sprayed it with Terramycin. I repeated this every evening when I went to the farm to complete the evening jobs, to prevent microbes gaining entry through the epithelial surfaces covering the body as a result of compromised skin.

The doe with scours caused by the dietary change of ingesting chick crumbs was no longer scouring and seemed much brighter, I put mineral supplement into their sheep nut feed. It is now a case of improving her condition.
On Tuesday, I carried out the zinc sulphate treatment process again for the third consecutive week to control the foot rot outbreak caused by weather conditions. Over this period, there was a marked improvement of hoof health as none of the goats were grazing on their knees, or lame.

On Wednesday, I moved the broody hens onto the perch to disrupt them sitting on their eggs as they will not lay eggs due to the prolactin hormone being released causing her core body temperature to rise, so energy is focused on hatching out an egg rather than laying.

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