Moat Goats, 4.6.17

In the morning, I fed the goats their cake and ensured that all of their water buckets and hay racks were full.

The time had come to castrate Fred! I found his testes and held them at the bottom of the scrotum before stretching the band on the elastrator above the testes but below the teats. I then castrated Albert and Roger. By law, castrating by rubber ringing has to be done before the kid is 7 days old. However, testosterone promotes the development of the urethra so the younger a kid is, the smaller the diameter of the urethra is so the higher risk of urinary calculi.

Once the castrations were noted on the kid paperwork, I got up to date with the ear tagging.

It was exciting to assist a doe expecting triplets, as I had only helped assist singles and twins before. The doe was straining for over half an hour, with a head presenting at times, so I gently pulled the kid out. I then went in for a second and third, and could feel more than two legs. I pushed one of the kids back to allow manipulation of a head and two forelegs forward. This was more difficult to pull out, as the two were trying to come at the same time. I felt that the third was in breech position so quickly pulled her out as they risk drowning in placenta fluids once the umbilical cord breaks.

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