Moat Goats, 5.6.17 

It was an early start to send 2 of the meat boys to the abattoir for 5.30am. They are sent when they weigh >40kg, so after selecting the wethers that appeared to be the largest, we weighed them before loading them into the livestock trailer. Along with the paperwork, the goats went to be turned into sausages. They can range from 5 months to under 12 months (as it is kid not goat meat), depending on their growth rate. They have a very happy life.

I had to check that Fred was okay after his melodramatic reaction after being castrated. So Fred cuddling was added to the morning jobs list. Hay, straw, water, food… cuddles.

Fred had recovered, there was a major improvement. So I held his mum still to allow him to suck.

We then moved the meat boys across the road away from their mothers, so they can be fed ad lib and fattened up. It was a three person job, with Meg using the EID tag scanner and noting their weights, Damo catching and weighing the goats, and I loaded them onto the livestock trailer from the crate.  Weaning consisted of checking the does’ udder and teats for any signs of mastitis or abnormalities. I then checked their milk, followed by dipping their teats in iodine. They will naturally go into a dry period as there is no stimulation to produce milk from a kid sucking or being milked.

The next big job was taking 11 doelings to the vet to be disbudded. In straw lined buckets, the kids slept throughout the whole journey. The vet worked quickly, enabling us to get the kids back to their mums as soon as possible.

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