Cronkshaw Fold Farm, A whole new meaning to crazy goat lady, 1.9,17

24 hours after touching down at Manchester airport, just enough time to recover following a hectic husky summer, I began a whole new adventure.

The 1st September 2017 will go down in my goat history. A monumental moment – the start of my first herd, I purchased two beautiful registered Golden Guernsey does.

After travelling to East Yorkshire a few days before I departed for The Arctic, I fell in love with Charlotte and Victoria. Whilst huskies filled the void for 6 weeks, the minute I headed to Rovaniemi airport I was eager to get my goats settled in to their new home without delay!

The day had come- Pete and I (ironic, I know) travelled to Yorkshire in his Land Rover with the trailer ready to transport my goats home.

DEFRA movement paperwork handed over, we were ready to go.

Seeing people’s faces as they passed the trailer was rather amusing. It is not every day that you see goats at a petrol station.

The inquisitive pair quickly settled in, after impressing me with their lead training skills. I was able to walk them through fields with ease.

I did not want to be apart from them for 12 hours, so I set up camp in their pen! Despite the smell, hotel GOAT gets a 9/10 review.

Spoilt goaties 🙂

Time will fly by, and I will be bringing my GG billy goat home before I know it.

After kitting their pen out with new themed buckets, I worked into the night to create their computer records. Including treatment records, weight graphs and payment + receipt worksheets. The husky documents in Hetta were a model example of how to maintain incredibly high welfare standards for animals on a farm. Complete medical histories, vaccination and de-worming schedules, treatment records, heat charts… the list goes on. I can adapt my newly acquired medical check skills to my goat herd in order to maintain the best health.


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