My friend in the sky – suicide awareness

**For my 20th birthday, I am raising money for Papyrus UK in memory of Tom Gallagher. 

Tom was living with countless relentless battles in his mind, the silent war. Now we must fight to create a beautiful legacy, saving lives by raising awareness of mental illness and getting rid of the stigma of suicide.**

Describing the experience of losing a close friend to mental illness is difficult, I have brain blurted to help other people to understand…



Losing a loved one is like a dagger to the heart. Losing a loved one to mental illness is like a dagger to the mind. We feel lost in a murky sea of fear and desperation.

Perhaps we too experience major relapses in our mental health, turning to self-destructive coping mechanisms. Not because of our friend is now in the sky, but because the thousands of unanswered questions can leave us doubting every action, doubting every word.

Memories become mush. The anxiety-gremlin then morphs these into every reason to blame yourself. New days become new chores, 24 hours to be tormented by 5 words – I was not good enough.


It is a blur. The days become months.

However, the storm of guilt and destruction has been followed by a rainbow of new life and motivation.

You no longer go to sleep desperate to never wake up. You leap out of bed ready to take on the day, appreciating the small things in life. Depression may take hold, but nothing is stronger than the motivation of your friend in the sky. Building a legacy requires re-building yourself.